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Common Ways of Making Repairs to Wood Furniture


Common Ways of Making Repairs to Wood Furniture by Antique Restoration in Washington.

Antique Restoration in Washington

wood furniture repair

Wood furniture crafted as dressers, shelves, beds tables or chairs, wood are made of a versatile and durable material. But after a while, such furniture inevitably develops wear and tear and lessens its appeal or their function. If you get the urge to throw this away, don’t. Wood furniture can be easily fixed. There are plenty of products on the market to fix scratches on wood. If you are in a hurry you might even use crayons, nuts or iodine to fix minor problems.

There many common ways of making repairs to wooden furniture, including those to chairs, doors, drawers, caning and mirror frames. Different techniques are needed for each type of fix. But it’s worth remembering that all wooden furniture has one thing in common: joints. The joints then are a good place to start in  furniture repair.

wood furniture repairs

All furniture is put together in a series of…

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